Flag of Lesotho

Lesotho, also called the mountain Kingdom of Africa. You will meet the friendliest people and can experience the real Africa. We suggest you’re a bit adventurous when you choose to go to Lesotho. It’s beautiful but roads are not always good, 4×4 is needed for the backroads. We can also ensure that you will have memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

Official Languages: 


Capital City: 

Size of Country: 

Size of Population: 

Visa Requirements: 



Credit Cards: 

Service Charge: 

Time Zone: 


English & Sotho  

South African Rands accepted everywhere


30.355 km²  

2.100.000 (estimate 2006)  

No visa  

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Best to have South African Rands, ATM no advisable, currency can’t be changed back  

It is customary to add 10% Service Fee to all Food and beverage charges.  

GMT +2  

South African 3 pin  

Map of Lesotho

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Pony Trekking
Shopping for crafts


Major Areas of Interest

Sani pass
Malealea lodge
Semonkong Lodge