Educational programs

Planet Pilgrims has a lot of experience in organizing Global Citizen Internships in Cape Town. We offer volunteer opportunities for kids aged between 15 and 18 years old. We don’t really like the term ‘volunteering’ as it doesn’t cover the full extend of the experience. Our Global Citizen Internship in Cape Town for youth consists of a few pillars and volunteering is only one of them. Our focus is on a meaningful exchange with their peers where both local and international youth learn from each other and become better citizens of the world by making different choices. All programs are developed around the Sustainable Development Goals.

A lot of visitors would like a project for volunteering with children. However, this needs to be done in a very careful way and can never be done without the involvement of South African social workers. PlanetPilgrims assists in the renovation of orphanages in Cape Town. Groups will raise funds in their home countries and then ‘donate’ an extreme make-over of the home. Through our partners we have updated information in all the orphanages and children’s homes around Cape Town and what their immediate needs hire so that we can assist in the best possible ways.

All our Global Citizen Internships in Cape Town consist of hands-on work, cultural exchanges with peers, home stays with families in disadvantaged areas, safari, visits to highlights like Table Mountain and Robben Island and much more.

Meaningful cultural exchanges with peers involve playing games together, doing sports, dancing, creating a beautiful mural, sharing stories, singing, making music and of course a lot of laughing.

All fundraising efforts will be directly paid to the projects supported by the group and will not be managed by Planet Pilgrims. This is to ensure transparency. We handpick all the projects and schools we work with and keep a close ear to the ground. To read more about our founder and how she works, click here

Please contact us here for a program customized to the needs of your school or university.