Since 2003 Jessy lives in Cape Town, South Africa and was joined in 2012 by her daughter Rosie who she adopted. She’s an entrepreneur creating immersive travel experiences and writes about it. Together with her daughter Rosie she travels as much as school holidays allow. Jessy has been to 42 countries and Rosie to 8 (Jan 2019).

If you’re looking for a mother / daughter team to visit your destination and write and share about it, please get in touch.

Services include:

  • Writing to keywords
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mystery Guest Hotels
  • Travelling Media Team
  • Designing Itineraries

Jessy Lipperts has worked with or was mentioned by the following media since 2003:

Speaking gigs:

  • Global Leadership conference, Stellenbosch, MBA Global Ambassador Program, 2013
  • Women in Leadership, Cape Town, 2013


Twitter: @planetpilgrims
Instagram: @planetpilgrims

Mobile/whatsapp: +27 72 692 6227

Looking forward to hear from you!

Jessy Lipperts, your Travel Angel!