At PlanetPilgrims we are passionate about sharing the love for Africa with traveling families, special interest groups and educational institutions. Creating meaningful and authentic travel experiences is at the core of our being and business. During this time of COVID-19, unfortunately travel is not possible but we surely can dream up some future plans for you. 

We are specialized in creating and organizing tailored itineraries throughout Southern Africa. PlanetPilgrims is run by Jessy Lipperts and she is joined by her daughter Rosie on all her travel adventures. 

Contact Jessy HERE for a personalized family tour of South Africa for you and your loved ones! SEE below for the full range of services PlanetPilgrims offers.

Jessy and Rosie lived in Cape Town until the end of 20192 from where many of their South African road trips started. They love going on adventures together and would like to encourage other families to live an adventurous life too and help them in doing so. Rosie’s favourite adventures were their awesome holiday to Mauritius and to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Other adventures have included a visit to the city of Rotterdam and many many MANY road trips around South Africa and Swaziland  which almost always includes a safari.

More recently they embarked on a 4 months South America adventure which had to be cut short because of COVID-19. Rosie has currently visited 12 countries and Jessy’s count is at 44 sooo still a LOT on their to-do-list.

Besides individuals and families, Jessy has created programs for many corporate clients like the biggest Dutch Brewery during the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Baarsma Wine Group for their incentives. Global Citizen Internship programs for High Schools and business experiences for Universities are organised every year. These programs are designed according to the Sustainable Development Goals. We would love to create your unique authentic group program to ensure transformation and a positive change for all parties involved. 

PlanetPilgrims’ Services include:

  • Creating immersive, authentic travel programs for groups according to the Sustainable Development Goals to ensure transformation and positive change
  • Designing itineraries for individual families and travelers throughout South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Mauritius and Zanzibar
  • Search Engine Optimization, Jessy is an SEO specialist who can help you get more readers to your web site by applying SEO to your articles.

Jessy Lipperts lived in Cape Town, South Africa from 2003 until 2019. She and her daughter Rosie traveled a lot inside South Africa. There’s still so much to discover and explore. Currently they are traveling in South America until 15th of May 2020. They are traveling through Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Jessy’s big bucket list item is the Galapagos Islands which will be their main destination. From mid-May they will be settling back into The Netherlands. Rosie can’t wait to be closer to her Grandparents and cousins! Update 16 April 2020: Corona chased us from Peru to Ecuador and then we got stuck in Quito for 2 weeks. We were grateful to get onto the last KLM flight from Quito to Amsterdam on the 26th of March which meant the end of our trip and we didn’t make it to Galapagos. Soooo we are back in The Netherlands already.. bit sad but it is what it is.. Galapagos will have to wait..