Namibia Self Drive Holiday

Namibia Self Drive Holiday


Introduction to Namibia Self Drive Holiday

A Namibia Self Drive Holiday with nice accommodation takes time to organise. When you want to go on a Namibia Self Drive Holiday you will need to start planning well in advance that is IF you want to stay inside Etosha National Park and inside Sossusvlei where you want to see the red sand dunes. Both these highlights of Namibia will most likely be part of your Namibia self drive tour so you want to make sure you get to experience them.

Staying inside Sossusvlei has the massive advantage that you are already inside the park before the gates open so you can be well on your way before sunrise. Stay at least 2 or 3 days in this area to explore it properly and really have the time to climb the dunes, do a guided tour and learn about the flora, fauna and history.

Namibia doesn’t have enough accommodation in high season to accommodate all their visitors and often I have to disappoint clients who would want to book a Namibia Self Drive Holiday because they don’t start planning well in advance. By well in advance I mean, like at least 1 year in advance. A Namibia Self Drive Holiday might be one of the most extraordinary travel experiences you ever get to do. I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve been myself a couple of times and I can’t wait to show it to my daughter one day.

Since I get quite a few enquiries and then have to disappoint people, I decided to write this blog post with links to accommodation to book in the good spots.

The links provided in this blog post are all affiliate links which means that PlanetPilgrims will earn a small commission of each booking. Of course you don’t pay more. In case the lodge of choice is not available, HotelsCombined will give you other options in that same area and you can look at the map how far it is from your initial choice.

So here we go. Here’s my perfect itinerary for a Namibia Self Drive Holiday. I assume that you will fly from Europe to Windhoek, the Capital of Namibia. KLM has daily direct flights from Amsterdam to Windhoek.

21 day itinerary for a Namibia Self Drive Holiday

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