Our wonderful stay at paradise island Mauritius

Why Club Med Mauritius?

If you would have told me 6 years ago that I would have my best holiday ever in a beach resort in paradise island Mauritius, I would not have believed you. However, when you become a single mother, priorities change and we sometimes just need a break from working and running the household. Not having to clean or prepare any meals for an entire week, starts to sound like paradise. So I forgot about backpacking, road tripping and roughing it and we stayed for an entire week in Club Med La Pointe Aux Canonniers in the northern part of Mauritius. It was FABULOUS!

When I inquired about a stay at Club Med in Mauritius, I assumed that it would be way out of my budget and that I could never afford it. You can’t believe the joy when I found out that I could get a very good deal when I booked the flights with Air Mauritius as well through Club Med and because I booked early I got a very good discounted package for Mauritius. Another benefit was that there were direct flights from Cape Town which was an added bonus!

Check flight with KLM from Amsterdam to Mauritius HERE.

Our fabulous stay at Club Med La Pointe Aux Canonniers

Fast forward…. Rosie and I flew a few weeks ago to the beautiful island of Mauritius. We arrived around 22h30 at night with Air Mauritius and were welcomed at the airport by our private chauffeur to the resort. It was still about an hour’s drive from the airport to the Club Med resort. The excitement of smelling, feeling, seeing and hearing a new destination was real. I was totally in my element sitting in the back of the car with Rosie sleeping on my lap. I couldn’t wait to take it all in. Although it was pitch dark, I tried to see as much as I could.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Gustav (who would become Rosie’s new best friend) who brought us to our room. We were not up for welcome cocktails and a tour of the hotel because of the late hour and Rosie being a bit disoriented of course so he carried Rosie all the way, shame.

We found a beautiful room with 2 MASSIVE plates of food for us to still enjoy in the middle of the night. This is never really a problem for Rosie… Off to bed now.

And then we woke up to THIS:

Kids facilities at Club Med are at another level!

One of the reasons to book Club Med was the amazing kids’ facilities. I was really looking forward to some down time and have Rosie spend time in the kids’ club. The first day I thought we must climatize a bit and just walk around, spend time on the beach and by the pool and find our bearings.

Rosie absolutely LOVED being in the pool and I couldn’t get her out anymore. At 11h45 I find myself participating in the aqua gym class in the pool. Something I could have never imagined. I enjoyed, it was fun and Rosie danced with us from the shallow kiddies pool.

The 2nd day I encouraged a little longer to go to the kids’ club. After the initial 10 minute tears, Rosie had a wonderful time. The feedback from the care takers at the end of the day was: ‘Mail elle fait l’ambiance, rigole tout le temp!’ The team is really amazing and the program is fantastic.

The activities are a mix of educational, physical and fun. There’s a separate pool at the club where only the kids swim. The resort has a glass bottom boat, most of the beach resorts in Mauritius offer this excursion, that takes the kids each day out on the sea to watch the beautiful colorful fish. Rosie has seen coral, a tortoise, and tropical fish. One day we went together. Although I’m a dive master, I had actually never been on a glass bottom boat and thoroughly enjoyed it myself. We got caught in a little tropical shower as well.

Every day there was something new to experience. One day the team organized a family picnic. The other day there was a foam party and one afternoon there was a massive monster slide at the big swimming pool. Rosie was a little bit scared but I went together with her. She didn’t want to go a 2nd time. A 5-year-old can only handle so much…




Gosh, where to start? Club Med offers a LOT of water sports: water skiing, kayaking, sailing, stand up paddle, glass bottom boat, snorkeling (several trips a day) are all included in your package. Scuba diving comes at an extra cost and the resort offers a 5 star PADI Dive Centre. The morning I was booked to go diving, I didn’t feel well so, unfortunately, I didn’t get to experience the underwater world on this trip to Mauritius. We always have to save something for next time right?

Other sports offered are power walk in the morning, aqua gym around noon, Zumba in the afternoon, salsa classes before dinner. Each night there’s a show and afterwards a disco. The kids club closes after dinner but I never left Rosie so late. One night I hired a baby sitter so that I could watch the show and have a little dance afterwards. I definitely could have enjoyed more of that but Rosie wasn’t comfortable with the babysitter so I didn’t book her again and just gave up on that. I managed to read a book in the evening hours which is a bonus for me and also really feels like a holiday.

The food

I’m BIG on food. I love good food and I think I’m actually a bit of a food snob… SO buffets are not my favorite. I assumed I was going to suffer a bit at Club Med which is an all inclusive but I couldn’t have been further from the truth. Yes, the restaurant was quite big and busy but the buffets were set up with a chef behind each station so all food was prepared freshly. Add to that, there was a lot of fresh fish and even dishes like roast duck, I considered myself in food heaven and had wonderful meals each and every day, 3x a day!

See here from some pictures of the meals. I especially liked all the starters.





The staff

The staff at Club Med resorts are called ‘Gentils Organisateurs’, GOs and we, the guests are called ‘Gentils Members’, GMs. It was an absolute pleasure to interact with all of the staff members. From the lady who cleaned our room who always had a smile and went the extra mile to the GOs we met at dinner and made sure we were comfortable and had nice dinner company to enjoy or dinner with. The General Manager (or in Club Med terms: Chef De Village) was very visible, always on the floor, presenting the show at night. The banqueting team was amazing, always turning upside down the entire place to make sure we could have lunch or dinner in a special spot.

One day I had a cocktail party invitation which was sent to all the single traveling parents who were staying in the resort. It was really thoughtful to organize this. Unfortunately hardly anyone showed up but the effort was appreciated.

Rosie turned 5 on our day of departure. When I mentioned this, a special party was immediately organized with the kids at the kids’ club and a present the day before. The whole Club Med experience was really fantastic.

After Rosie and I left Club Med, we stayed another week on the island. I rented a car and the Solo Parent Adventure continued in a much more adventurous way. Although I HAVE to be honest, I DID enquire with Gustav what it would cost if I wanted to stay a few nights longer..

Mauritius was country number 42 for me and for Rosie is was country number 7. I can wholeheartedly say that this was one of my best trips ever.