Best Binoculars for kids for great African safaris

You’ve booked your vacation to Africa for the entire family, planned out your trip and now it is time to kit out the entire family to have the best Africa trip ever. Compact kids binoculars is definitely a MUST for your children. A trip to Africa usually includes watching a lot of wild life which is often seen from afar.

Compact binoculars for kids will make it fun for your children to spot the animals and will really get them into safari mode.

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Introduction to the best binoculars for kids for safaris

There are many different binoculars for kids and this guide will help you decide which mini binoculars to buy for your children. If you would like to get a quick overview of the best binoculars for kids just head straight into the comparison chart below. It is an easy overview of the most important features of what to look out for when you choose a pair of kids binoculars. After the comparison chart, you will find a short description of each of the binoculars for kids mentioned in the comparison chart. We are sure this guide will help you to find the best binoculars for you kids.

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Comparison chart for the best kids binoculars

The below comparison chart for kids binoculars will give you a quick overview of what to look out for when you’re buying a pair of binoculars for your kids. The images and names are clickable and it will take you straight to the Amazon page to read more information and see the latest prices.


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The Geosafari Junior Kidnocular

Besides the colorful and fun look of these kids binoculars, they’re also specifically designed for kids. You can of course take them on your family safari to Africa but they can also be perfectly used for pre-school science projects. These binoculars for kids feature large comfy eye pieces and come with a neck strap. It is an absolute best seller on Amazon and won several toy awards. The Kidnocular is comfortable to hold with little hands. You child will be excited to start exploring the world around him/her with these great binoculars for small children.

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The Kidwinz Shock Proof 8×21 kids binoculars

The Kidwinz has the best magnification and includes all the accessories like cleaning cloth, strap, carrying case and manual. These kids binoculars are perfect for your kids to start bird watching, stargazing, watch sport games, come on a family safari to Africa and enjoy the African bush. The rubber casing is perfect for absorbing shocks in the event these kids binoculars fall on a hard surface. The extra coating around the eye pieces provides better protection of the lens. These binoculars for kids are easy to use. They can be folded to match the eye to eye distance of the child. The Kidwinz are perfect for kids aged 3 – 12 years old.

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The Wingspan Optics Eaglescout or Voyager

This is THE best binoculars for kids that you can find for this affordable price with very good quality. It is perfect for budget conscious families who would like to introduce their kids to a high quality nature experience, like an African safari! This one is also a perfect bird watching binoculars for those who are not sure yet how much they will love their new hobby and don’t want to spend too much money on their new compact binoculars. You can try the Wingspan Optics Eaglescout binoculars for 30 days and if you’re not perfectly happy, you can return them. These compact binoculars also come with lifetime warranty which is extraordinary (and def appreciated if you get them for your kids). Recommended for high schoolers or very mature primary schoolers. Amazon’s Choice!

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Kids Binoculars Cobiz

These kids binoculars have an ergonomic design which makes it easy to hold. They are lightweight so that kids can hold them for longer at a time. These binoculars are made in such a way that they ensure clear vision even in low light and night vision conditions. They come with a neck strap and cleaning cloth and pack away super compact with a size of only: 8.2 x 10 x 5.5 cms.


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Kids Binoculars by Vanstarry

Shockproof and available in different bright colors, these binoculars for children are a great versatile toy for both boys and girls. This set of kids binoculars is surrounded by rubber to protect the eyes as well as the face of your child. It is a wonderful birthday gift or Christmas gift which gives them the opportunity to explore the world around them from African family safaris to star gazing to science projects at home. It offers a high-resolution real optics and 8x magnification. The manufacturer offers a free replacement policy and a life time warranty.

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Compact Shockproof Binoculars for kids

This is the Nr 1 best seller on Amazon and comes in many different colors so you can be sure to find your kids’ favourite color too. It is shockproof and comes with a crystal clear 8x magnification. The ergonomic grip design is patented and makes it the perfect toy for girls and boys aged 4 and 5 years. You can be sure they will be spotting the animals on your next African Safari Holiday.

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Bespin Binoculars for Kids

This is an awesome git and it comes with a beautiful bird map for North American birds. These are sturdy and safe binoculars for kids that come with all the safety and comfort measures in place, like ergonomic grip design, rubber to protect it from breaking when it falls on a hard surface and if offers sharp images. Your kids will most probably become avid bird watchers with such a great toy and of course don’t forget it when you book your next safari holiday to South Africa where it will be a great way to check out all the amazing wildlife and birds too.

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Zagalla Kids Binoculars with Zebra Print

How much fun are these binoculars for kids with Zebra print? Definitely very appropriate when spotting the African wildlife on your safari. This is not just a toy but a set of serious binoculars that your kids will enjoy. These lightweight and compact binoculars for kids are ideal for traveling and pack away easily in your kids’ backpack. It has all the safety measures in place and comes with a 1 year warranty. This is a great birthday gift for both boys and girls aged 3 – 10 years old.

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Outdoor Explorer Gear set including Binoculars for Kids

Why only get binoculars when you can get an entire explorer gear set that includes things like magnifying glasses, a bug catcher, bug boxes, tweezers, clipboard, a compass, a butterfly net and a backpack to pack away all your treasures. Get out on an adventure with your kids, Take them on a hike and let them find bugs and butterflies. All materials comply with the U.S. safety standards and are free of leed,cadmium and phthalates This set is suitable for kids ages from 5 yrs old

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What are binoculars for kids?

Kids binoculars are more compact binoculars than the ones we use as adults. Big binoculars are often too heavy for children to hold and their hands are too small to hold the grip. That way children quickly loose interest which is not what we want as parents. We want them to have the best African safari ever so having suitable binoculars for the kids is essential. You can totally avoid them getting bored by giving them their own kids binoculars. Mini binoculars are a fun animal spotting tool for our small adventurers and they will feel like a real scientist or biologist.

We want to encourage our kids to love the African bush so it is best that we engage with them in a way that suits them. Special binoculars for kids have a sturdy grip for small hands and fun colours so they can pick their favourite. Mini binoculars are rubber-coated to protect them from breaking when your child accidentally drops them on a hard surface.

For the very small kids, the mini binoculars have comfortable eye-pieces, a lanyard to avoid dropping them on the ground and the design is light weight and easy to hold. A pair of ‘toy’ kids binoculars is usually best for the very small ones to make sure to not strain their eyes.

Older kids most probably want a bit more serious kids binoculars which they can also take on their school and weekend adventures and for their sports events.

In general, when you’re buying binoculars for kids you will need to take the following into account:

  • Price, budget is different for each family. To be honest I try to avoid buying expensive gear until Rosie is a bit older and she knows how to look after things.
  • Durability, yes your child will most probably drop it so this is important. Check that the mini binoculars are well protected with rubber and come in a protective pocket for storage and of course have a strap that goes around the neck.
  • Size / weight, binoculars for kids should have an objective lens diameter of less than 30mm. The smaller the objective lens diameter, the less your kids binoculars will weigh.

How to look after your kids binoculars

The maintenance of your kids binoculars is pretty straight forward. Make sure to always put them back into the protective pocket and keep the lenses clean with a soft cloth. When ever your child is using their mini binoculars, ensure that they have the lanyard around their neck to avoid the binoculars from dropping on a hard surface which most probably causes damage.

Especially in a safari truck which is always very wobbly, pay extra attention to your children to ensure they are holding their kids binoculars appropriately and have the neck strap on.

Whenever you’re back home store the binoculars for the kids away in a safe place so that they are ready for the next adventure that you’ve probably already planned.

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