best Christmas gift sets

The Best Christmas Gift Sets


Introduction to the Best Christmas Gift Sets

Sometimes we prefer to give a bit more to the special people in our lives especially during this time of giving. A single gift simply isn’t enough to show your appreciation so we’ve decided to create a list for you with the Best Christmas Gift sets that we could find.

Gift Sets are fun to give as you will most probably surprise the person who receives the set. So read on to find a list of the best Christmas Gift sets that we’ve come across. We hope that these Christmas Giveaway ideas will be helpful to buy suitable gifts for all your loved ones. We have included Christmas gift sets for your team, for travellers, for kids, for men and for women.

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The Best Christmas Gift Sets for your team

I certainly love my stainless steel travel mug However when I saw this amazing set, I thought I could kit myself out a little bit better even when I’m on the road seeing clients or with my daughter on long road trips.This is a 6 piece set that comes with a handle, straw, cleaning brush for the stainless steel straw (‘say no to plastic’) and 2 lids. What a great Christmas gift set to give to all your clients!

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The next Christmas gift set is fantastic to give to anyone who spends a lot of time in air planes and needs to rest while on the plane. This set of travel pillow, eye mask and ear plugs is just the perfect gift for Christmas for those colleagues, clients or employees who travel a lot.

You can click HERE to find all the details and prices for this fantastic gift set. Somehow we couldn’t link to the image but if you click through you will see it because it might be perfect for you.

What a lovely gift set! A felt board with 696 letters, numbers and symbols to start each day with wonderful, inspirational quotes. This set contains also a stand and 2 storage pouches for free. Have each  team member come up with inspirational quotes and fill up the board with great messages and encouragement.

For more information and the latest prices you can click HERE.



An insulated big lunch bag, waterproof tote. Includes a thermal bottle sleeve. Great gift for both men and women. Keeps drinks cold without ice packs. It is big and even fits large Tupperware.

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The best Christmas Gift Sets for Travellers

This toiletry gift set is another great one for corporate and / or leisure travellers if you will. Stop looking for all the different items and buy just this one great Christmas Gift Set. The toilet bag is waterproof, you can hang it (essential for travellers like me) and has different compartments for easy packing away. It comes with miniature plastic containers to keep all your cremes, shampoos etc.

I think I must order it myself too because I’m always struggling with my toiletries to keep them all together. Click HERE to find the latest prices and all the information


This is an amazing lap top bag for travelling and includes a USB charging port, standards charging cable as well as multi-function pockets. It will fit a 17.3 inch lap top and is suitable for both male and female globetrotters. Users are very happy with their purchase and give it mostly 5 star ratings.

Find out more information and latest prices about this amazing back pack HERE.


High Quality sleeping bag that is 100% waterproof and resistant to low temperatures, resistant to sun and mechanical damage. This sleeping bag is easy to maintain because you can machine wash it your self and no need to bring to the dry-cleaner. A perfect give idea for someone who is planning to go camping.

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The Best Christmas Gift Sets with educational toys

 Make meal time educational fun with this fantastic Christmas Gift set, a collection of place mats. Designed by teachers this Christmas Gift set of 4 place mats teaches your child about: The world, the USA, the solar system and the human body. Meal time will be fun and you might even be able to squeeze in some vegetables without your child noticing.

Find out more details and the latest prices HERE.


This fantastic Christmas Gift set will keep the creativity going. It comes with 12 stencils boards, 13 pencils and a sketchpad, sharpener, mechanical pen and pencil case. It is ideal for kids aged 4 – 6 yrs and above too. It includes up to 260 shapes. It will develop your child’s drawing and learning skills in a fun way. Its for either boys or girls.


Find more details and the latest prices HERE.

#1 New York Times Bestseller Chapter Book Series. This is the perfect Christmas Gift set will keep your kids laughing because Junie is the funniest kid for over 20 years now.


Find more details and the latest prices HERE.



The Best Christmas Gift Sets for Kids

This definitely is the most educational and fun gift set for kids I’ve ever come across. It includes 5 educational toys. It gives kids the opportunity to explore nature and learn all about it. Now this is a way I can imagine spending the upcoming holidays. Included are: binoculars, a rechargeable flash light, a compass, a glass and butterfly net, magnifying glasses.

For more information and the latest prices click HERE.


Melissa & Doug have been a favourite brand in our household for many years now. Once I found out about them, I couldn’t stop buying their amazing educational toys for Rosie from them. This Deluxe Magic set just sounds like a dream come true for my Rosie because she LOOOOOVES doing tricks. It includes 10 tricks for beginners and is suitable for kids aged 8 years an up.

For more information and the latest prices click HERE.

Ooh this music set just sounds like too much fun and it is great way to encourage our children to play an instrument. Enjoy 14 different ways of making music, probably noise as well and get this set for little ones aged 3 and up.


For more information and the latest prices click HERE.


This is not just a simple toy but this is a full featured Fire 7 Tablet with 16GB internet storage and up to 8 hours of mixed used battery power. Including 1 year of FreeTime unlimited which gives your kid access to over 15.000 popular apps. Including a kid-proof case. Gosh, I might even be tempted to get one myself.

For more information and the latest prices and delivery times click HERE.


Turn your home or garden into a laser tag arena. This is the most advanced laser tag set on the market with real target vests, invisibility mode, night vision, flash lights, voice-guided directions and and extreme 150 FT shooting range. Wow!


For more information and the latest prices click HERE.


The Best Christmas gift sets for men

Now here’s something super sophisticated to give a man. Aren’t we always struggling to find the perfect gift for men? This Christmas Gift set comes in a beautiful box with 3 ties, cufflinks and accessories to look the part on over the Christmas season).

For more info and the latest prices click HERE.

Beard KitFor all your beard friends 8 in 1 gift set. Seems the perfect gift for Christmas me thinks. Unscented beard oil, sharing cream, beard comb and beard balm and cream. All packed in a luxury premium gift box which makes it an ideal Christmas gift.

For more info and the latest prices, click HERE.

Outdoor sports set that includes a beanie with wireless Bluetooth Headphone, gloves. Built in rechargeable battery that lasts for about 6 hours. Keep warm and answer the phone in Winter and enjoy hands-free music. Compatible for most smart phone and Bluetooth devices.

Find out more info and the latest prices click HERE.

The Best Christmas Gift sets for women

This just looks like the perfect Christmas gift set for women. A beautiful essential oil diffuser bracelet with a leather band and 8 different color pads to match your mood (and outfit).

For more info and the latest prices click HERE.




Yay what an appropriate Christmas gift set! Get sporty and fit for the new year and do it with these colourful Neoprene Dumbbells in 3 different sizes and weights. They’re easy to assemble and the weight stand is of course included with the set. They look like toys don’t they.


For more info and latest prices, click HERE.



An electric wine opener with charger and foil cutter in a beautiful gift box. This I will definitely need with all the dinners and luncheons coming up. Beautiful gift for actually women and men a like.

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