My Hotel Inspection of the Southern Sun Waterfront Hotel in Cape Town



My name is Rosie and I’m 5. I love hotels. I ask my mother all the time: When can we stay in a hotel again?? Please mommy, can we go. So I was super excited and ready when mom said I was going to visit the Southern Sun Waterfront Hotel in Cape Town after school on Monday. Mom needs to find a very kids friendly hotel in Cape Town for our Solo Parent Adventure in October and I got to ‘test’ it.

Sweetie Box or Hamburger?

We arrived at the hotel and could park in the basement. Mom was in a rush but I was still busy eating my snacks so she had to wait because I’m always hungry.
We met Elmarie who was going to take us around the hotel. I think she was very nice and looked a bit like my mom. They’re both blond and peach. We arrived in the hotel lobby and we were welcomed by this beautiful lady who was just like me, brown and I loved her clothes. She had sweeties that I could put in a little box, how cute. I might only be 5 years old but you can’t fool me, this is a hotel, and it looks very pretty, so I’m sure they have hamburgers and THAT’s what I want. Who wants jelly beans when you can have hamburgers?? Nice try though and I’m sure other kids will love the sweetie box.


This hotel has NEMO!!!

You know, with us kids it is sometimes hard to figure out what we like and love but as soon as I saw the aquarium in the lobby of the hotel, I ran to see because I wanted to find Nemo. It didn’t take me long. THERE HE WAS! Yay, I saw Nemo. Wow, what a cool hotel!! They have NEMO!! And there were more colorful fish and I even met a nice lady and I showed her my wobbly tooth. Ya, I have my first wobbly tooth. It is quite cool because now I can tell my mom that it is too sore to eat cucumber and that I want mango. Gosh I had worked up an appetite by looking at the fish. Let’s get that hamburger organized.

A delicious hot chocolate

The nice lady, Elmarie, asked me if I wanted to drink something. Bradly, also very friendly, asked if I would perhaps like a strawberry milkshake. I’m sure other kids like strawberry milkshakes but I rather drink chocolate ones and my granddad always wants banana milkshakes, like really everywhere we go. I think Bradly was a bit confused that I didn’t want a strawberry milkshake and was more into a hot chocolate AND a hamburger I added, in case someone would forget to ask me if I wanted to eat something. I’m always hungry and I know my mom sometimes gets worried with the amount of food I eat but she doesn’t need to worry because I also like to dance and swim a lot. Oh.. let’s find the POOL.

An AWESOME pool!

While Bradley was going to get me my hamburger and hot chocolate, my mom and I had a look at the pool. Wowow!! It was beautiful!! I LOVE to swim and the last time I was at a hotel pool, I stayed in it for 6 hours and met and chatted to 33 people in the pool. I love chatting. The kids are nice to play with but the real people are much more fun and always ask so many questions. I just don’t like it when they call me ‘baby’ I’m not a baby. I’m 5! Anyway, the pool is 1m deep which is perfect for kids like me because I can still stand but it is deep enough to really swim, dive and jump in it. I really DON’T want a baby pool!
We walked back to the restaurant and yay my hot chocolate had arrived. It was delicious. (NOTE from mom: It was 35 degrees outside and she wants a hot chocolate… sigh…).

Oh and now we met this FUNNY lady, her name was Mercia and she said so many funny things. She said she wanted to come to my birthday party. But she’s not even invited. My birthday is in August. I’m turning 6 and I want a Gecko Costume. My burger had STILL not arrived, 5 minutes feels like 5 hours in a 5 year olds mindset, so Mercia talked me into having a look at the rooms. O-k…I will have a look at the rooms o-k. Bradley made sure that NO ONE would touch my hot chocolate and mom and I went upstairs with Mercia to see some rooms.

The boring part, looking at the rooms

The rooms were really nice because they ALL had TV. ALL rooms had TVs and they were ALL switched ON. It was awesome, I could watch TV because at home my mom needs to fix the TV. I haven’t watched anything for ages. I really miss Barney and Angelina Ballerina. From the window, I could see the Big Wheel in the Waterfront. Wow! What a great view. I could sit here for ages to see all those things.
There was also a fridge to put snacks and juice. The showers were really neat and clean. Mercia showed us rooms with 1 bed, 2 beds and also 2 rooms next to each other. And you know what the best part is: my mom and I can come and stay here and mom doesn’t pay for me until I’m 18 years old. I’m sure that will make her very happy because she’s always saying how expensive all the things are that I want. That’s why I need to wait till AUGUST before I get my Gecko costume.
Mercia then showed us the gym and there were TVs too. There was a guy running on one of the machines. I wanted to run too but of course I was too small again… I was done. I want my burger NOW!! Where’s the elevator? I want to go down NOW!!

A BIIIIIG hamburger!

Finally, my hamburger had arrived and I could eat. I love tomato sauce so Bradley got me a 2nd jar even. The fries were the best, crispy golden brown and my mom also enjoyed them. It was great to visit the Southern Sun Waterfront Hotel and I would
love to do it again.

Are you looking for a hotel in Cape Town?