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Solo ouder avonturen

UPDATED  2024 – Check Facebook groepen zoals: ‘eenouder; vakantie en andere initiatieven’ om gelijkgestemde solo-ouders te vinden en samen avonturen te beleven. Je kunt mij ook in die groep vinden. 

Rosie and I had to cut our South America Solo Parent Adventure short because of COVID-19 and we are now staying in The Netherlands. So this former Cape Town Single Mom has now become a Dutch single mom in The Netherlands. We are currently staying in Zuid-Limburg so please get in touch if you’re in the area.

Last weekend we went to the amazing Continium Museum in Kerkrade with another single mom friend and her 8 year old daughter and we had a wonderful time. We are looking forward to make more connections with single parents in the Zuid-Limburg region so please do stay tuned and join us for adventures!

Our next Solo Parent adventures will be:

25 – 31 July, house-sitting in Rotterdam: Come join us explore the fabulous city of Rotterdam. We are house-sitting for a week which gives us plenty of time to get to know this amazing city a bit better. 2 years ago we already discovered a lot which you can read HERE. This time we also hope to explore Kinderdijk, some surrounding villages as well as some of the amazing museums in Rotterdam.

Dutch Solo Parent Adventures you missed

27 June: Gaia Zoo, Kerkrade. we booked our time slot at 10h30. Until the end of June 2020 there’s a discount applicable but the later you book the more you loose out on the discount again so I booked today on the 18th and paid 37 euro for both Rosie and me + parking. Usually the total would be 47.50 so it still is a substantial discount.
Click HERE to book your tickets too! –> This was a great day out, we mostly enjoyed the African animals that we miss a bit…. 

28 June: Blote Voeten Park, Brunssum, Click THIS link to book your tickets online. Because of Corona, you need to book in advance. We booked the entrance time slot from 10h50 – 10h55 –> Great active adventure to enjoy bare feet. We loved the park and will definitely visit again! 

If you are not someone that plans long in advance, these ones might be perfect for you. We would love to meet you!
Just drop us an email and check where we are. Rosie is 7 years old.

Rosie and I go on many adventures. It is important to spend quality time with your child and at the same time have an adult conversation once in a while so why not adventure together, share in the fun and make it memorable?