The Pride of Africa train is one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. Rovos Rail does an excellent job running this most luxurious train in the world, The Pride of Africa. The Cape Town trains leave from Platform 1, the Rovos Lounge, an absolutely great start of your luxury train travel. Rovos Rail prices include: accommodation, all meals, all alcoholic beverages, 24-hour full room service, all excursions and entrance fees and even limited laundry. So once you’re on board of The Pride of Africa you really don’t need to worry about anything and just take in the breathtaking scenery along the route. Routes for this luxury train include: Cape Town to  Pretoria v.v; Pretoria to Durban and the one on my wish list is Pretoria to Victoria Falls. There are some annual routes on offer as well. Anybody for Cape Town to Dar Es Salaam? It would be a dream come true!

A train journey from Cape Town to Pretoria will be a 2 day journey with stops in Matjiesfontein and Kimberley. Everything is included, from your mini bar to your laundry. The train goes nice and slowly, about 60 km per hour. This way travelers are allowed to take  in the incredible beautiful South African landscape and have the possibility of taking pictures. Joy explains that as soon as the train stops for more than 5 minutes, staff will be cleaning the windows to ensure uninterrupted views throughout the journey. I absolutely loved the goggles that can be found in each room. Guests can use the goggles to be able to put their face out of the window without getting bugs etc into their eyes. This is the only luxury train in the world where windows can be opened. The dress code is smart casual when wining & dining. Men are kindly asked to wear a jacket and a tie. Women are encouraged to wear cocktail style dresses. If men travel without jacket, Rovos Rail will have a jacket for them available upon arrival (of course your travel agent should have mentioned that). Ah, where are the times of traveling in style? Well, you can all have it back for a little while, when traveling on The Pride of Africa.

There are 3 kind of suites: The Pullmann, Deluxe and the Royal. We would recommend a Deluxe suite, it’s about 11 m². All suites have separate bathrooms and the Royal Suits even have a bath!

Tariffs from 1 October 2017 – 30 September 2018
Pretoria – Cape Town: from ZAR 18.950 to ZAR 38.150 per person sharing, 50% single supplement
2 nights

The Cape Timetable
Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday
15h00: The Pride of Africa Departs from Capital Park; guests may freshen up in their suites before joining fellow travelers in the midway Lounge car or Observation Carriage at the rear of the train.
19h30: Dinner is served; a set menu is served everyday with a focus on local delicacies

Wednesday / Thursday / Saturday
07h00: Breakfast is served till about 09h45
09h30: 10 minutes before arriving in Kimberley there is a shallow lake on the right hand side facing forward. Often Flamingos (approx. 23.000) can be spotted
09h45: Arrive in Kimberley, guests disembark and proceed by coach / combi for a tour of the city, the ‘Big Hole’ and the mine museum.
12h30: Depart Kimberley
13h00: Lunch!
19h30: Dinner will be served

Thursday / Friday / Sunday
08h00: There is an opportunity to disembark the train at Whitehill and walk or jog the 5 km to Matjiesfontein. The Train Manager or a member of the staff will accompany you. Comfortable walking or running shoes are essential.
08h25: Arrival at Matjiesfontein where you will have the chance to stroll through this historic settlement. Of special interest is the museum on the platform and a collection of historic cars and railway carriages to the right of the hotel. Breakfast will be served in the dining car between 07h00 and 10h00.
10h30: Departure of Matjiesfontein passing through Tweedside and Touws River. At 12h00 we reach the first of four tunnels which take us through the Hex River Pass. The second tunnel is 13.5 kms long.
13h00: Lunch!
18h00: Arrival in Cape Town where your journey ends and you’ll take home incredible memories!


Pretoria – Victoria Falls: from ZAR 24.850 to ZAR 49.750 per person sharing, 50% single supplement
2 nights


Pretoria – Durban including safari, visit to battlefields and Ardmore Ceramics Excursion
From ZAR 18.950 to ZAR 38.150 per person sharing, 50% single supplement
2 nights