Sustainable Development Goals

In another post about our educational programs I talk about the United Nations  Sustainable Development Goals. You can find an overview of all of them through this link.

The ones that are applied in our current programs, you can find in the table below.

  SDGs How does the work of PlanetPilgrims relate to the SDG and its related targets? This is applicable only to the school programs and university programs that PlanetPilgrims offers and not to leisure itineraries. 
1 No poverty We actively support suppliers in disadvantaged areas like homestays and pay a fair price for it
2 Zero hunger Whenever there’s interaction with local children, we will share our meals with them or provide for them as well
3 Good health & Wellbeing Games around sexual education and personal hygiene are prepared by the groups and delivered when it is appropriate
4 Quality Education Jessy Lipperts, founder of PlanetPilgrims completed the Partner for Possibility Leadership program. Pfp is an SA NGO which has a creative solution to the South African education crisis. Jessy Lipperts is in partnership with Bontheuwel High School in Bontheuwel, Cape Town and together they work towards improving the school by being inspired leaders. Through PfP Jessy has access to many schools in case for other opportunities.
5 Clean Water and Sanitation In 2017 at the Andrew Murray Children’s Home in Wellington, all bathrooms were renovated.
6 Decent Work and economic growth The example of the paid homestays in the areas where it is most needed.
7 Reduced inequalities By playing together, learning from each other, laughing together children are both transformed in a positive way. The visiting children often think they come here only to give and only realize later that they received so much in return, like more gratitude, respect for their parents etc. An important aspect is also that everyone wears the same t-shirt and all local children are given this t-shirts as a present and they wear them so that SA and visiting children all wear  the same and no difference.
8 Sustainable Cities & Communities The group doesn’t stay much in ‘rich’ tourist areas during their stay. They stay mostly within the community  and only 2 or 3 nights out of 19 in the city centre so we use transport very sporadically and stay in the area where the day activities happen.
9 Climate action Planting of trees, creating vegetable gardens
10 Life on Land A leisure activity is a visit to a game reserve near Johannesburg where they learn about African wildlife
11 Partnerships for the goals Since 2014 PlanetPilgrims has partnerships with local NGOs, schools, projects and other grass roots organisations.